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Welcome to Nspired Notes: Go From Burnout to Bliss

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Good Day, Good People...

What are the challenges you're facing right now? Would you be open to have a dialogue around it? Well you're in the right place, I'm here to help you gain clarity, build confidence and conquer your fears so you can take action, heal and succeed. My background in psychology, education and my newer love being a certified coach give me the education and skills to guide you through this process. I help guide adults as well as tweens/teens.

I've actually been blogging for many years now on social media, without a formal blog. At heart I'm a teacher and have a strong desire to share information because I truly believe that knowledge is power. Seeing people have aha moments are priceless for me.

I'm on a mission to help people develop their emotional intelligence, their EQ or Emotional Quotient. Yes, IQ is important, but it's mine and many others stance that EQ is more important. EQ is needed for effective communication, self motivation as well as a plethora of other positive life skills. We'll explore this as we build Nspired Notes.

Have you hit a major storm in your life and you're not sure how to clean up the mess? Hit a few roadblocks? If you are confused because you are out of your comfort zone join the Nspired Transformation family. My coaching, books and courses can give you a personal roadmap to navigate through all the stresses and reclaim your power. Or maybe you are looking for group settings, check out our workshops and public speaking programs. All will help you be in control of your life again. I'll help you build confidence, appreciate the goodness in your life with gratitude and remove distractions. By learning these strategies and developing your emotional intelligence, you'll survive the storm and thrive. Join us at the blog for our weekly affirmations because there are Miracles in Your Mouth!!!

Go from Burnout to Bliss

Imagine a year from now still being in the same spot. Don't put your life on hold. Continue coming back to the Nspired Notes blog to learn how to evolve. For a swifter change, purchase BLOOM or schedule a free consultation so we can begin the work to start claiming your power and putting your life back on track.

Rise up and feel more control of your life!

Dare To Heal...

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