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Gratitude pours out Abundance flows in

Yesterday, due to the photo below, I shed a few tears 🥲. But it's not why you think. Stay with me...

GRATITUDE pouring out,

ABUNDANCE flowing in.

I truly believe that and do my best to live it everyday. GRATITUDE makes it an absolute joy to be on this Life journey. Each day provides infinite possibilities. Many of those possibilities are conditional on how I choose to experience the abundance of Life. You see, I can choose to get caught up in the news, the chatter, the gossip, the drama, or I can choose to embrace the beauty, create the story, sing songs of love, share from my heart, and live life fully and freely. I have chosen the latter.

So what's up with the photo, Nadira? Yeah, I did mention that tearing up part. Well, Brenda Horne-Shabazz was the first person to send me a photo of her and Elijah's Book. That didn't make me cry. After my initial glance I noticed something. The painting behind Brenda looked familiar. That signature looked familiar. A few seconds later I realized why, it was painted by my daughter, Sunah almost 10 years ago. She must have been 11. I immediately began to tear up. There are people like this who support me, my children and others in their entrepreneurial pursuits and I am truly grateful for her and other's like her.

I keep saying and I will continue to... ABUNDANCE is not just about money. When I noticed Sunah's signature this ABUNDANCE was/is about LOVE and for me that's worth more than dollah bills, y'all.🥲🥰💜

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