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Wisdom and Why We Need It

Good Day...Good People...

It's Manifest It Monday!!!


In this day and age where almost everything is a finger’s touch away, think about this.  I recently learned that today, more information is generated in ten minutes than all civilization from the beginning of time up to this point.😯 In some ways, that's good. But for all the answers at our fingertips, the Information Age still cannot answer many questions that matter.

We’re swimming in a 24/7 news stream, personalities and opinions. Sometimes though, I wonder if we’re not drowning, or on the verge of it? For many the constant barrage of information is overwhelming most days. What’s legit? Who can I trust?

Unfortunately, statistics say we here in the U.S. are the most anxiety-plagued, depression-ridden culture in the history of the world. We’re more informed, more educated than any time in the history of the world. But something is missing, something Google can’t answer and universities can’t teach.

That something is WISDOM.

Wisdom is the antidote to information overload, in an age of anxiety and insecurity.

Wisdom...We Need It More Than Ever...Here's one way to build it.


Wisdom doesn’t entertain nostalgia. Your girl Nostalgia is a dirty liar. You almost always see the past through slightly rose-colored glasses. You see the best of your best. In other words, all the stuff you did and walked through suddenly kind of disappears.

The past is for learning, not living.

Wise people remember and learn from the past. But they never live there. A lot of people have these two backwards. This is the danger of knowledge. We dismiss history to learn from it, but we often live stuck in the past. This is why we’re desperate for wise people. Wisdom always move forward. Always.

What do you think? What habits or qualities define the wise?

Light ☀️ Love 🤟🏽 and Harmony ☯️

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