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Finding Joy in the Midst of the Mess

Good Day, Good People...

It's Manifest It Monday!!!


First things first, I must say during my week off, I missed you all. Did you miss me? Thank you to everyone who checked up on me. Photo shoots, new website, new business venture, finishing up 2 more books and on and on. I was just exhausted everyday and now I'm Back! I'll catch you up, in the meantime head over to, subscribe and alot will be revealed. Let's talk about JOY. How do you get to Joyfulness! I know lots of people want Nadira to show you the easy road but to be honest it wasn't so easy for me and to be really honest, I don't think it's an easy road for most. Finding JOY can be difficult because it gets easy for us to wait on things – wait until we're less uncomfortable, until there’s more money, until… The only time we all get is right now, this moment. It’s in the now when we must find Joy.

I’ve realized I spent so many years hiding the real me that in the last couple of years I didn’t want a minute of hiding me anymore. And in all honesty, religion in some ways contributed to that waiting, that hiding. At least the way religion began to be taught to me for the last 25 years and many other, dare I say, women. At this point, no blame just truth. Women go to religious leaders and tell them about the dysfunction in their households, the abuse in their households and women are told wait, to pray and to wait some more.

Well, I didn’t want a minute of hiding me anymore. I want that for you too. The real you is priceless. It is the only path to you finding joy. Listen,

Maybe you sing poorly.

Maybe you sing with the voice of an angel.

Maybe you are quirky.

Maybe you're quiet.

Maybe you like spicy salsa.

Maybe you don’t want your food to touch each other on the plate.

Maybe you love classical music.

Maybe you know every word to all of Eminem’s raps.

Maybe you live in the city.

Maybe you live in the country.

Maybe you have kids.

Maybe you don’t.

Maybe you are single.

Maybe you are married.

Maybe you worry.

Maybe you are a free spirit.

Maybe you laugh loudly.

Maybe you snort when you laugh.

Maybe you wonder if people like you.

Maybe you don't care.

No matter what – BE YOU.

The time on this planet is WAY TOO SHORT to be anything other than who you are inside. You were born with wonderful talents and gifts. Don’t hide it trying to measure up to a hypothetical. Don’t hide it because you think you should be more. Don’t hide it because you think you should be less. Don’t hide it because you worry what others think. Don’t hide it because you are waiting for things to change.

Be you.

And maybe others won’t like that you. That’s okay. Because there are a whole bunch of people who need you. Just the way you are. Not being something else, but you.

You are wonderful.

You are amazing.

You are enough.

Be proud of the wonderful story of you.

Walk your own path.

Find your own JOY.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Light Love and Harmony


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