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Being Both Soft and Strong

Good Day, Good People...

I am finding being both soft and strong is a combination very few women have mastered as of late and very few men appreciate. It's understandable because so many are living in spaces, physical and mental which requires hardness of mind and body. In the recent past, when contemplating which way I would like my life to go, I realized this. Fortunately, I have choices in my life concerning making a living. Recently, I crossed out some choices that in my 20's I know I would have immediately jumped on because of the money that could be made. I could do it now but I choose not to. Why Nadira???

I like the soft place my life has landed. I no longer want to go out competing for contracts, being in boardrooms with mostly all men, I just don't. Not for things I'm not totally passionate about. I'm glad to allow my future spouse to have that space. The one thing I would stress myself for is children, children's education and children's mental health. Everything else must fall by the wayside.

Which is stronger, a pencil or a drinking straw ? Which is easier to break? Often strength is equated to hardness, but that’s not always true. Sometimes being hard makes you ridged, and liable to snap. Being soft can mean being malleable, flexible, enveloping even. That doesn’t mean they aren’t also strong.

So my dad was an only child but my mom was 1 of 9. Only 3 boys in the bunch so I grew up with a lot of Aunts. As I grew up, I knew that I would always want to be a woman like my Aunts, someone who is fierce and fiery but always sweet and gentle. There is something that radiates around them like a rose. One moment you look at it, it's blooming, colorful and soft and gentle; all of the feminine beauty is composed in that little creature. The next moment you look at it, you start to notice all the spikes and strength that it has rising from the ground. That is what I believe a woman is like. Like a wolf, quiet, soft, fluffy and cute when she's at rest, but capable of tearing you up if you dare to try to harm her tribe.

It is in our softness that love grows. This is what I intend to celebrate this Mother's Day. Yep, they'll be another piece exploring this. The softness of women, those that open their heart and soul, unsure of what this act will bring but knowing that it is where we must rest to be fully whole.

Light🌞 Love🤟🏽 and Harmony ☯

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